The Database Society of Japan.

Invited Talk by Professor Xiaoyong Du (Chair of CCF-TCDB)

Professor Xiaoyong Du, Trustee of The Database Society of Japan (DBSJ), Chairman of The Technical Committee on Databases of the China Computer Federation (CCF TCDB), and Professor of Renmin University of China (RUC), gave a lecture entitled “Overview of Database Research in China” at Ochanomizu University on June 21, 2019. His lecture included brief introduction of recent advanced research topics on databases in China, activities of CCF TCDB, etc.

6月21日,日本数据库学会(DBSJ)理事,中国计算机学会数据库专业委员会(CCF TCDB)主任,中国人民大学杜小勇(Xiaoyong Du)教授在御茶水女子大学进行了题为“Overview of Database Research in China”的演讲。
演讲介绍了关于中国最尖端的数据库研究进展和中国计算机学会数据库专业委员会(CCF TCDB)的活动等内容。


Lecture by Professor Xiaoyong Du at Ochanomizu University on June 21, 2019