The Database Society of Japan.

President’s Message

The 7th President Haruo Yokota

 The Database Society of Japan (DBSJ) was founded in 2002 and celebrates its twentieth anniversary this year. To date, under the leadership of our previous presidents — the late Yahiko Kambayashi, Yoshifumi Masunaga, Shojiro Nishio, Hiroyuki Kitagawa, Yasushi Kiyoki, and Masaru Kitsuregawa — the society has made excellent progress through the great efforts of all those involved.
 As you are well aware, we have held various successful events including the DEIM Forum (Japan’s largest gathering in the field of information science), the WebDB Forum, the Social Computing Symposium, the Advanced Database and Web Technology Trends Lecture Meeting, and Data Manipulation Seminar. We have also participated in a wide range of activities including collaborations with related organizations around the world, exchanges with the database communities of China and South Korea, industry-academia collaborations through academic support programs and the like, various awards, promotion of diversity, the creation of the strongest library of database lecture content, and the publication of the DBSJ Journal in both Japanese and English, as well as our society newsletters. A new journal called Data Driven Studies will also go into publication from this year. Furthermore, thanks to the tremendous efforts made by our former President Masaru Kitsuregawa and other former vice presidents, the DBSJ became a general incorporated association on January 6, 2021, further solidifying its position for the next stage of development as an academic society.
 I am truly grateful that I have been able to develop in such a wonderful environment. To repay this debt of gratitude, I intend to do my utmost to further develop the valuable community of the DBSJ that was built up by my predecessors.
 Needless to say, the promotion of this community is only possible with the help of our members, and the support you have given is deeply appreciated. To further evolve the activities of the society, I am also hoping to provide a new framework for incorporating the opinions of our members.
 The importance of “data”, the subject of the DBSJ, is already widely recognized in society, and there is no doubt that there will be a growing need for various data-related academic studies in the future. I believe it is vitally important to cooperate with related academic societies and support a broad range of data-related academic activities as an academic society. To maintain our leading position in this field, we should be active and dynamic in supporting the use of data, as described in our company statute, and strive to achieve the highest levels of expertise and resourcefulness.

July 2022

Haruo Yokota (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
7th President of Database Society of Japan