The Database Society of Japan.

President’s Message

The 5th President Yasushi Kiyoki

As I begin my term of office, I would like to share three themes with you.

  1. Dramatic increase in the number of women board members

    Seeing as how few women there are on the DBSJ board of directors, I have invited a number of women to be new board members. The new women board members are Prof. Mayumi Ueda, Prof. Shiori Sasaki, Prof. Yasuko Matsubara, Prof. Shoko Wakamiya, and Dr. Lillian Harada. I have also asked Prof. Akiyo Nadamoto to serve as the Vice President.

  2. Firm cooperation with the Technical Committee on Databases of the China Computer Federation (CCF TCDB) and strengthening ties with South Korea

    Professor Xiaoyong Du, the committee chair of the CCF TCDB, has assumed position as a board member of DBSJ. Every year, we will invite Chinese database-related researchers to the DEIM (Data Engineering and Information Management) conference for invited talks. He has also established slots for annual talks by Japanese researchers at NDBC, a major database conference in China.
    With regard to collaboration with South Korean researchers and engineers, DBSJ has a long history of organizing a workshop called KJDB. While Japan-South Korea relations has cooled recently, DBSJ maintains that friendship in academia between the two countries should be maintained by all possible means. Regardless of the circumstances, DBSJ has decided to strongly support ties with South Korean colleagues to prevent our relationship from becoming impoverished from an economic standpoint.

  3. As seen from Prime Minister Abe’s speech on “data free flow with trust” (DFFT), discussions on the use of data are taking place everywhere in this data era. DBSJ is also participating, and our new role is to establish this society as a major presence. To launch full-fledge efforts, DBSJ shall issue recommendations on the proper use of data.

February 2020

The 6th President of Database Society of Japan

Director General, National Institute of Informatics
Professor, Institute of Industrial Science, the University of Tokyo